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Tomorrows 'Welsh Mountain Statesman' has been cancelled

Discussion in 'Railway Herald' started by RHM, Jul 5, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    RH has been advised that the 'Welsh Mountain Statesman' from Sheffield to Aberystwyth due to run on 06/07/2013 has been cancelled. DB Schenker state that they are unable to resource the train on the Cambrian section from the Shrewsbury area to Aberystwyth. Although this is a West Coast operated train, the Cambrian section requires the unique Class 97 traction as well as route knowledge which currently is held only by the ex-SERCO drivers who were trained when the ERTMS system was installed. Since those drivers have now transferred to DB Schenker, who are now the only TOC that can supply Class 97 compliant train crew.
    While Arriva Train Wales crew will know the road, they are not trained on Class 97s, nor are any Network Rail or West Coast personnel.

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