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Glasgow Model Railway Exhibition 2024

Discussion in 'Model Railways' started by Britfoamer, Feb 29, 2024.

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    Sep 16, 2008
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    Went to the annual model railway exhibition last Friday, somewhat disappointing on a few fronts.
    The main layout, the huge 'O' gauge Eastfield, modern day continuous run with the TMD as a back drop failed to run all day with only the odd train going round. Almost like an ASLEF day! From what we could gather they had problems with WiFi, whatever that means in relation to the layout.
    For me, too many traders, but I am sure others would have welcomed this.
    Also for me, to many shoe box layouts with nothing happening. Admittedly, the scenery and rolling stock are usually very good, but very little often happens to keep one's attention.
    There were several larger panoramic layouts to compensate. Couldn't have been too bad, in at opening and didn't leave until 5.00pm

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