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First Swt Class 444 Arrives At Waterloo International

Discussion in 'Railway Herald' started by RHM, May 1, 2013.

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    The first passenger train to use an international platform at Waterloo station since the last Eurostar service left more than five years ago, arrived on 29th April.

    The special service from Woking operated into Platform 20 to demonstrate that the terminal can and will be used for passenger services by April 2014.
    The journey into Waterloo International was made to mark the first anniversary of the Network Rail and South West Trains Alliance and to provide an opportunity to illustrate the alliance’s commitment to provide extra capacity into the country’s busiest station.
    Tim Shoveller, Managing Director of the Network Rail and South West Trains Alliance, said: “Bringing the Waterloo International Terminal into permanent use is an example of what it can help to achieve. It has been made possible by working with many organisations, including the Department for Transport, and is vital for the much-needed development of the railway across the south and south west of England. It has been talked about for many years and we have shown it is possible and remain committed to bringing Platform 20 into permanent use by April 2014 at the latest."
    Extensive work is required to ensure platform 20 can be used for full passenger services which includes opening a new exit through onto Platform 19, bringing signalling back into use, re-railing parts of the track, roof repairs, platform work and installing new CCTV and lighting.

    Image: http://railwayherald.com/uknews/first-swt-class-444-arrives-at-waterloo-international

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