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2nd Bishop Auckland Scout Group Exhibition!

Discussion in 'Model Railways' started by The Black Hat, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. The Black Hat

    The Black Hat Member

    Oct 7, 2010
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    Defender of the Faith
    Hello all,

    I am pleased to annouce that the 2nd Bishop Auckland Scout Group is hosting a model display event on Satuday 22nd January and Sunday 23rd January 2011 between 10am to 4pm on both days. This event has been organised as children in the different sections that make up the group (Beavers, Cubs and Scouts) have all been challenged to make a model to display at the event. These displays for each section will then be open to a public vote, and a prize will be given to the winner for each section. By doing this the children will achive many requirements for the badges that make up the badges that they work towards. Even the leaders and the older sections are getting involved with this and going to build models of their own for their own display - sadly we dont get badges for this!

    The event will feature two displays of collections, one of older and restored items from Mr D. Ward, and the other from the North East Meccano Society.

    Finally, and of interest to many here, there will be FIVE layouts in attendance - two of which making their exhibtion debuts to the circuit. These include:

    • Bishop Auckland - an 00 gauge, DCC Sound modern image and preservation layout
    • Leeds Weeklyn Hill - an 00 gauge DCC Sound BR transition shed layout
    • Skepwith - an 00 gauge LMS period layout
    • Shildon - an 00 gauge layout based upon the Station area of the nearby town
    • High Grange - an 0 gauge North East steam layout.
    Model trade stands come from Darlington Railway Modelling and the Durham Locomotive Preservation Group.

    There is a small admission of £2 for an adult and £1 for children with a family of 2+2 being £5. Tea, Coffees and some light refreshments will be available and any profit made from the event will go towards hall renovation work, and equipment for the children to enjoy across all sections on a range of activities.
    Disabled access into the building is also easy, with the whole event on the ground floor and a ramp allowing easy access into the building.

    I would like to thank the many groups who have supported this event to make it a success, being (in no particular order):

    Timothy Hackworth Model Railway Group
    Durham Locomotive Preservation Group
    The North East Meccano Society
    Darlington Railway Modelling
    Charles Walton
    Derek Ward
    David and Edward Farms

    Coming to this event means that your supporting a novel and creative way for the group to be a part of the wider community. Hope to see you there! [​IMG]

    David F. Newby
    Cub Scout Leader
  2. The Black Hat

    The Black Hat Member

    Oct 7, 2010
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    Defender of the Faith
    Some sound engines to let you know whats going to be there:

    Engines from Bishop Auckland (all DCC Sound!!)


    A1 60164 Northern Star
    A4 60019 Union of South Africa
    Ivatt 4MT 43106
    Ivatt 2MT 46441
    Ivatt 2MT 46520
    BR Standard 4MT 76079
    BR Standard 4MT-T 80135
    Black 5 44871
    Castle 5080 'Defiant'
    Fairburn tank 42085
    57xx Pannier 7779

    Diesel (Preserved)

    Class 108 Unit
    Class 04, D2258
    Class 08, 08575
    Class 20, 20042
    Class 20, 20188
    Class 25, D7638
    Class 31, 31296, 'Lindisfarne'
    Class 37, 37507, 'Hartlepool Pipe Mill'
    Class 47, 47535, University of Leicester

    Diesel (National Network operating)

    Class 37, 37038
    Class 37, 37114, City of Worcester
    Class 37, 37248,
    Class 37, 37402, 'Bont Y Bermo'
    Class 37, 37405,
    Class 37, 37411, Caerphilly Caslte
    Class 37, 37515,
    Class 37, 37688,
    Class 43 HST, 43157 'HMS Penzance' and 43196 'The Newspaper Socity founded 1836'
    Class 56, 56302
    Class 60, 60007
    Class 60, 60061, 'John Logie Baird'
    Class 60, 60074, 'Teenage Spirit'
    Class 60, 60077,
    Class 60, 60081, 'Isambard Kingdom Brunel'
    Class 66, 66079, 'Benjamin Gibert GC'
    Class 66, 66522
    Class 66, 66702, 'Blue Lightening'
    Class 66, 66709, 'Jospeh Arnold Davies'

    DMU (national network operating)

    Class 158, 158788
    Class 153, 153326
    Class 142, 142096

    *Not enough DMUs so expect locomotive haulage!!

    Engines from Leeds Weeklyn Hill (all DCC Sound!!)


    A4 60001 Sir Ronald Matthews
    A4 60030 Golden Fleece
    Black 5 45377
    Jubilee 45593 Kolhapur
    Castle 4098 Kidwelly Castle


    BR 350HP 0-6-0/08 D3105
    EE Type 1/20 D8158
    Sulzer Type 2/25 D5211
    Sulzer Type 2/25 D7638
    EE Type 3/37 D6707
    Sulzer Type 4/45 D55
    Brush Type 4/47 D1746
    EE Type 5/55 D9007
    EE Type 5/55 D9017
  3. eddief

    eddief New Member

    Apr 21, 2006
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    Co. Durham
    Thought I would bump this to remind people about this years show, it is this weekend (21-22) same location and same times. I will be there with Leeds Weeklyn Hill again and looking forward to meeting some of you this weekend. Weeklyn Hill has undergone a couple of extensions and major fleet upgrade since the last show which will make it better.

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