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Yorkshire Engine Co 2521

Discussion in 'Loco information' started by andy-61264, Dec 9, 2009.

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    Dec 28, 2007
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    Sheffield, South Yorkshire
    From the 1st January the Chesterfield Locomotive action group will be trading as a LTD company. As part of our new image we are also changing our name to Chesterfield Locomotive, Carriage and Wagons LTD.

    The Group has been awarded a grant of £1500 from the Derbyshire Community Foundation for the removal of the boiler. The date for the boiler lift is still to be negotiated, as it stand the date looks to be set for the end of February. We have secured the use of a wagon for the boiler to be placed on this is so that the boiler can then be moved around the site as necessary. A pallet van has also be purchased for storing part in while the boiler is to be lifted and will be a future project for the group along side the other van.

    We are applying for a second grant to be used for renovating the boiler. We already know that it require work to the inner fire box, a new tube plate, tubes, it is very likely that the rapper will also need work as in-between the frames it look to be very badly corroded.

    For more information visits http://chesterfieldlocomotiveactiongroup.com/ or PM me,


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