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Vintage sign typeface

Discussion in 'Links' started by the-gog, Feb 5, 2013.

  1. the-gog

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    Late last year, I contacted a type designer about recreating digitally an old typeface that was used on enamel signs, both information signs and advertising signs. It was widely used for street signs, Post Office signs, the plates on James Ludlow wall postboxes, railway signs, direction signs and circular Automobile Association wayfinding plaques, apparently beginning in the early 1900s and continuing well into the 1950s. As such, it should be particularly useful to preserved railways, and indeed anyone who wishes to recreate old signs of that period. It's called Enamela, and a write-up about it - plus photos of its historical usage - can be seen at K-Type Independent Type Foundry » Enamela

    I should add that I have no commercial involvement in it; I suggested that it's a project he take on as after many years of research, nobody else has drawn it. It should be available to purchase on k-type.com quite soon, at very reasonable prices.


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