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Discussion in 'Heritage Railway' started by green five, Jul 2, 2008.

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    One of the problems associated with any attempt to produce an authoritative account of one’s recollections of events from the dim and distant past is that one could never hope to have been everywhere at the same time to record everything and something of importance is always going to be omitted, if merely only because no-one bothered to document particulars at the time, or to share it with anyone else.

    Such a situation has occurred, to a very slight degree, within the various chapters of “Steam-The Grand Finale” (and, of course, the complementary articles concurrently appearing in “Heritage Railway” over the course of the last few months). I will confess to having anticipated as much, but, equally, must express surprise (if not extreme relief!) in that so little actually does needs correcting. Indeed, within the absolute deluge of mail received since “S-TGF” first went on sale in July, nowhere am I able to find a single criticism of any aspect of my work. On behalf both of myself and of my co-writers, I would, therefore, like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people for going out of their way to extend their gratitude.

    Resulting from that whole plethora of material only now being made publicly available for the first time, four decades after the event, it is, again, only now that people have started to come forward to challenge one or two of the more commonly acknowledged ‘facts’ that have been circulating for years and years, (and particularly in respect of the documented final workings from Carnforth, Rose Grove and Lostock Hall). In researching for material, it soon became apparent that I was going to experience more than an element of difficulty in sorting out the facts from the numerous myths – many of which had emanated from railwaymen themselves. What people know to be absolute fact, and what they are comfortable with ‘believing’, appear not to be the same thing. Certainly, as time passes by, memories become fragmented and tales grow taller by the day!

    Indeed, former 10D fireman, Joseph Booth (fireman of No 45156 on 4th August 1968) recently said to me, “On reflection, does it really matter that much? The truth is how a person visualised it themselves ... the fact maybe something quite different. I experienced a most wonderful time, but cannot recall many factual recordings, nevertheless, factual it may be, but no-one can experience it as I saw it myself. This applies to anyone who witnessed the vision in their own memory. Whether a railwayman or not, the value remains the same. Someone makes a statement, only to be contradicted by someone else, but we 'know what we know' ….and that much is priceless”. My own personal memories and my photographs are priceless to me and, certainly, no-one will ever be able to re-create the days of steam precisely as our first-hand experiences prove them to have been. For those too young to have been there, I sincerely hope that “S-TGF” manages to convey a mere flavour of happier times and a way of life that has now departed for ever.

    In the hope that such will set the record correct for all time, I am, therefore, attempting to produce a short addendum to my work, this possibly appearing in “Heritage Railway” in due course. Anyone who is able to correct, or add to, that already published, is invited to post their observations on this site, or, alternatively, to contact me by ‘private message’.
    In anticipation …. many thanks! A.C.
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    Sep 13, 2008
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    Aug 30, 2007
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    Different branches of Smiths have different ideas of where to put all the 'bookazines'. It is now understood that they are supposed to be on a separate display nearer the front of the shop. (This has, unfortunately, created the situation where they have been overlooked by those seeking copies of "Steam-The Grand Finale".)
    For bulk purchases by preserved railway sales depts, etc., John Sharratt is the chap at Mortons to get supplies from.
    E-mail jsharratt(at)mortons.co.uk.
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    Found this today .... http://www.prestonstation.org.uk/
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    Sep 8, 2007
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    Port Elizabeth
    Large stock of copies seen on sale today (alongside equally commendable 'Foxline' display) in the SMTF MODEL SHOP at the BROOKSIDE GARDEN CENTRE, London Road, POYTON, Cheshire. Tel: 01625-850-427 (Wed-Sun 11-5pm) 0161-456-5126 (Mail order)

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