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Steam Railway issue 466 – ON SALE NOW!

Discussion in 'Steam Railway' started by Thomas Bright, Apr 21, 2017.

    This month's edition of Steam Railway is a Speed Special, in honour of Tornado's 100mph test run.

    SR467 - ON SALE NOW!

    Not only can you read the inside story of the 'A1's' historic feat, but also which country (and more importantly which engine) did the 'ton' first – was it the UK? Or was it the US?

    Elsewhere we explore the claims that, in the dying days of steam, a Stanier 'Black Five' did nearly 100mph. We speak to the people who were there on the day that a workaday '5MT' pushed the limits of what a two-cylinder 4-6-0 can do.

    We also have a follow-up to our round-up of the Bulleid 'Light Pacifics', this month featuring their bigger cousins – the 'Merchant Navies' – as well as full coverage of the enthusiast event of the year so far – the Swanage Railway's 'Strictly Bulleid' gala.

    Sticking with Swanage, we cover the National Railway Museum’s decision to donate the unique LSWR 'T3' to the 'Purbeck Line', why they did so and find out what the Swanage Railway plans to do with it.

    You can read all this and more in the latest edition of Steam Railway, the world's biggest-selling steam magazine. On sale now!

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