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Rail Rover Tickets

Discussion in 'Links' started by greenabode, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. greenabode

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    Feb 8, 2012
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    We've put together a guide to Rail Rover tickets on our website Green Abode and thought it may be of interest. It took us a long time to research across various websites including National Rail, ScotRail and Arriva Wales. Where possible we have linked to the best original sources we could find. We've have included all of the 2012 Rail Rover prices.

    There's 35 available and all amazingly good deals. It's shocking to think the most of the general public are not aware of these. We only came across them on National Rail when we were looking for something else. They're kept tucked away and not easy to find information or for people to buy. ScotRail and the four Rovers available in wholly in Scotland are the only ones you can buy online.

    As well as offering great prices, the majority of them also offer discounts with Railcards. It's a bit of mixture for Railcard discounts, however, Young Persons, Senior and Disabled are offered on most Rovers. The All Line Rover offers Railcard discounts on HM Forces and Family & Friends as do some others. The Freedom of Devon and Cornwall Rover is a fantastic deal for families, especially for holders of the Devon and Cornwall Railcard where kids can travel for just £6 (3 in 7 days travel) and £16 (8 in 15 days travel).

    Scotland and Wales seem to have made a better effort of promoting their Rail Rovers. This has much to do with the fact that Rail Rovers in Wales are only available on the Arriva Wales network and likewise in Scotland with ScotRail. Once again hats off to ScotRail who offer online booking. England has much to do as most of the Train Operating Companies have very little information on their sites about Rail Rovers.

    As far as I can make out the only way to buy Rail Rovers in England is to turn up at a station, which is pretty poor. That's what it says on National Rail anyway.

    All of the links go to the best place we could find to get information and include maps. With up to date pricing and all one page I hope you find our Rail Rover tickets guide useful.

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