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Press Release - Winter Progress on the Talyllyn Railway

Discussion in 'On Track.' started by Karen Willans, Feb 8, 2018.

    There has been much going on on the Talyllyn Railway over the winter months with a number of projects being completed and some notable milestones reached.

    In December 2017 brake third carriage No.22 re-entered service in time for the Santa Special trains after a prolonged absence. It had been out of action for almost a complete rebuild, but now it has a redesigned guards compartment and has also been fitted with hot air heating for the winter services. Its return will mean that the Railway once again has a full complement of brake coaches available for service.

    Another milestone at the end of 2017 was that membership of the Talyllyn Railway Preservation Society reached 4500 members for the first time in its history. Membership of the Society has been increasing steadily in the past few years with and the number of members has increased by over 1000 in the past four years.

    Since Christmas there has been a complete repaint of locomotive No.7 Tom Rolt undertaken by one volunteer. This has not been done since it entered service in 1991 and therefore was overdue some attention. The existing colour of bronze green has been retained, but with modified lining and other features from its original livery.

    Elsewhere on the Railway there has been work laying some new sidings at Tywyn Wharf station on the site of the old ballast dock. In the cutting between Tywyn Wharf and Pendre stations tree and undergrowth clearance has taken place, while in the cafe at Wharf station a new kitchen floor has been laid and other modifications made.

    One other project being undertaken away from the Railway is the restoration of our platelayer's trolley, unofficially nicknamed Toby, which was originally built by our former Chief Engineer, John Bate, in 1953. It has been out of use for a number of years, but now a member has volunteered to undertake its restoration at his home. The trolley left the Railway on 19 December 2017.

    Looking ahead there will be celebration of locomotive No.6 Douglas's centenary on 21 February 2018. A large number of guests have been invited to witness the locomotive, which formerly worked at RAF Calshot for many years, being adopted by the local RAF Association as part of the RAF's centenary year.

    At the end of March locomotive No.1 Talyllyn will be withdrawn from active duty for overhaul, However, its place on the locomotive roster will be taken by the return to service of locomotive No.3 Sir Haydn. This is due to take place later in the year. There will be more news of this later.

    For further information about this press release please e-mail: pressoffice [at] talyllyn [dot] co [dot] uk.?subject=TR%20Website%20query">pressoffice [at] talyllyn [dot] co [dot] uk

    Photos by Andrew Thomas and Karen Willans

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