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[Photoplug] Glasgow transport museums, new and old

Discussion in 'Heritage Railways & Centres in the UK' started by wcmlbls1846, Nov 24, 2011.

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    Glasgow's new Riverside Museum of Transport and Travel opened in the summer - at a cost of £74 million! 27 photos can be seen here:

    Glasgow transport museum: Riverside 2011 - andrewstransport's Photos

    29 photos of the old museum in Kelvin Hall can be seen here:

    Glasgow transport museum: Kelvin Hall 2004 - andrewstransport's Photos

    The biggest exhibit in the Riverside museum is South African Rlys 4-8-2 No 3007, built in Glasgow by North British in 1945. It was never displayed at Kelvin Hall as it was only repatriated in 2007. 17 photos of the final stage of its return by road to its birthplace can be seen here:

    Glasgow transport museum: S African Rlys 3007 - andrewstransport's Photos


    Andrew N

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