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Northern France Narrow Gauge Steam

Discussion in 'International Heritage Railways/Tramways' started by marshall5, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Oct 26, 2010
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    I've just returned from a trip to the Picardy/Somme region of Northern France. We normally travel independently but this time went with Railtrail as they had arranged to visit 6 narrow gauge lines over 4 days based in Amiens and, I must say, it was extremely well organized and led. We had a day in the Paris area split between the MTVS site at Valmondois where they have a large collection of metre gauge stock and a 60cm gauge line around Parc des Chanteraines. Both sites had been opened specially and we were made extremely welcome with 'access all areas' run pasts etc. Full days were spent at Bai de la Somme (m.g.) and Froissy Cappy Dompierre (60cm) the latter having its steam gala with 3 locos in steam, steam up the zig-zag, and a specially extended run all the way to Dompierre. The final day was spent in the Lille area with specially charted canal-side runs over the 60cm TTVS at St Amand les Eaux and metre gauge tramway at Wambrechies. If anyone feels nostalgic about the early days of n.g. preservation in the U.K. go to the TTVS with its completely overgrown track and 'one man and a dog' style of operation. I've attached a few pics - hope you enjoy them.
    MTVS Blanc Misseron 213 of1898 ex Tramways de la Sarthe.jpg CF Chanteraines 0-6-0T No 6 Decauville 1770 of 1920.jpg CF Bai de la Somme No 130 Cail 2296 of 1889 at St Valery Port.jpg CF Bai de la Somme double departure from Noyelles.jpg CF Froissy Cappy Dompierre 0-8-0T Borsig 10334 of 1918 at Cappy.jpg Ex DR 0-8-0T 99 3461 Vulcan 3852 of 1925  leaving Cappy tunnel.jpg TTVS 0-4-0T No2 OK 4852 of 1911 near St Amand les Eaux.jpg Ex Neuchatel & Lille trams at Wambrechies Ferme.jpg
    1. MTVS No.60 0-6-0 tram BlancMisseron 213/1898 Ex Tramways de la Sarthe.
    2.CF Chanteraines 0-6-0T No.6 Decauville 1770/20.
    3. CF Bai de la Somme No.130 2-6-0T Cail 2296/1889 ex Puerto Rico at St.Valery Canal.
    4. '' double departure from Noyelles with Nos 101 (Pinguely 165/05) & 130.
    5. CF Froissy Cappy Dompierre DFB 0-8-0T Borsig 10334/18 on WW1 train at Cappy.
    6. " Ex. DR 0-8-0T 99.3461 Vulcan 3852/25 leaving Cappy tunnel.
    7. TTVS 0-4-0T No.2 OK 4582/11 during "trundle past" near St Amand les Eaux.
    8. Ex Neuchatel & Lille trams at Wambrechies Ferme.
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