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New editor for The Railway Magazine!

Discussion in 'The Railway Magazine' started by GarethAtMortons, May 18, 2021.

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    This announcement might be of interest to some of you...

    NEWS RELEASE: 17.05.2021

    New editor for The Railway Magazine!

    It’s a case of continuity, history and evolution for Britain’s oldest trackside journal, The Railway Magazine, as it nears its 125th anniversary with a wealth of experience and a new-look team.
    The magazine, which began publication in 1897, continues its mission to report on the current railways scene as well as reflecting on its history as the UK’s magazine of railway record.
    For the July edition there’s a new man in the cab as Paul Bickerdyke will become just the 12th editor of Britain’s biggest railway publication during those years and will be in the unique position of having his immediate three predecessors as part of his team, yet a fresh new group of writers too.
    Paul joined The Railway Magazine in 2004 as art editor after having worked as a freelance journalist, but from the very start was also writing for the magazine. Despite leaving the staff in 2010 when the title moved to its current publishing house Mortons, he continued to contribute the Metro News column, and joined Mortons in 2013 when he became editor of Rail Express magazine.
    Paul rejoins the magazine this month, despite never really leaving, and on his roster of staff will be current editor Chris Milner, who steps down to a contributing role after six years in the hot seat, former editor Pete Kelly, who was in charge from 1989 to 1994, and Kelly’s replacement Nick Pigott, the magazine’s longest-serving editor and still its consulting editor.
    Gareth Evans will join Paul as deputy editor, moving from the sister title Heritage Railway following the departure of Gary Boyd-Hope who will remain as a key contributor.
    Publisher Tim Hartley said of the changes: “The team at The Railway Magazine is the strongest it’s ever been with a wealth of knowledge, passion and determination that will keep the title fresh, current and above all else, invaluable to the scene!”

    ...It will be evolution, not revolution – as evidenced perhaps by the fact three of the magazine’s former editors will be contributing along with a host of other longstanding names. A common theme among all team members is their passion for and relationship with The Railway Magazine. In fact, while I (Gareth Evans) have been working full-time on sister title Heritage Railway magazine for the last three years, I started contributing news and photographs to The Railway Magazine when I was a teenager, having been a reader since childhood. Also, as outlined in the announcement, Paul is steeped in The Railway Magazine history. As a team we’re excited to continue the good work of our colleagues. Exciting times... :)

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