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New Corwen station.

Discussion in 'Heritage Railway' started by Thompson1706, Sep 21, 2018.

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    The new issue no. 246 has an excellent drone photograph, which is one of a batch taken by Dewi Davies. Unfortunately the description printed below it refers to one of the other shots.
    The photo shows the new platform looking east towards Llangollen. On the left, next to the green container, is the beginning of the former Ruthin branch. The embankment of this branch has provided the spoil for widening the embankment for the new station, this having been a two track formation for most of the platform length, & also infill for the island platform.
    The new water tank is at the far end of the platform , with the pumphouse over the borehole at the bottom of the embankment on the right.
    The base for the former Weston Rhyn signal box is now built & will hopefully have the top section in place in the next few weeks. This is currently in Carrog yard & has been re-painted in chocolate & cream. The base can be seen to the left of the JCB in the distance.
    The trackwork at the east end will be completed as soon as the signal box is craned onto its base & the site accommodation is moved to a new location. This will allow the final 30m of the up platform face to be built & all infill completed.
    The new station building will be built after opening & will be sited where the tractor & pallets of edging slabs are.

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