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"Modern history" celebrated at Kirklees' Exmoor gala

Discussion in 'Steam Railway' started by Thomas Bright, Jul 13, 2018.

    Locomotives built by the Exmoor Steam Railway will be at the forefront of the Kirklees Light Railway’s annual Steam & Diesel Gala on September 8/9.

    Anne and Spirit of Adventure – two of the locomotives set to visit the Kirklees Light Railway’s Steam & Diesel gala in September – are prepared for duty outside the Perrygrove Railway’s engine shed. MEGAN CHARMAN

    The Devon firm has constructed over 30 new-build steam locomotives since 1990, and its products have been described as modern interpretations of early minimum gauge locomotive principals.

    Visiting locomotives include Spirit of Adventure and Anne from the Perrygrove Railway, and Monty and St. Egwin from the Evesham Vale Light Railway. These locomotives will operate alongside the KLR’s home fleet of Badger, Hawk, Owl, Katie, Siân, Jay and Tram No.7.

    KLR General Manager Stuart Ross said: “This event is really about modern history. The family behind the Exmoor Steam Railway have been – and still are – key players in revitalising the miniature railway scene over the last 30 years. Without them the miniature railway world would certainly be less vibrant.

    “They have provided operators with real steam engines that are well designed, affordable and, importantly, reliable. St. Egwin is an old friend of the railway and won many hearts when it visited us 8 years ago, and we are really looking forward to see how the other locomotives perform on our challenging railway.”

    An intensive timetable will be in operation throughout the event, which will culminate on the Sunday with as many locomotives as possible hauling the 5pm departure to Shelley. The only McLaren steamroller in Britain will also be on display.

    More information and discount tickets are available from www.kirkleeslightrailway.com

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