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Miniature or Narrow Gauge? (please read if unsure)

Discussion in 'Miniature Railways' started by stepney60, Sep 30, 2007.

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  1. stepney60

    stepney60 Nat Pres stalwart

    Dec 3, 2005
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    Anything of a gauge greater than 15" and below standard gauge should be put in the Narrow Gauge section (including such lines as Ffestiniog, WHR, L&B, Sittingbourne & Kemsley etc etc)

    Anything of a gauge smaller than 15" but above the model 'O' gauge goes in the Miniature Railways section

    With regards to the recent issue of 15" gauge itself on the forum, lines which are merely small tourist lines, built solely for the purpose of small trips on a circular route or whatever belong in the Miniature Railways forum. Longer, more established lines, such as the RH&DR, R&ER, Fairbourne etc with proper timetables, several stations, decent lengths etc belong in Narrow Gauge. Hopefully this arrangement should prevent any future arguments over what-goes-where.

    Any problems please PM me or one of the mod team
Thread Status:
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