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LCLR 50th Bash

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Railways' started by Louth, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Nov 20, 2005
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    If you are free on Sat 4th Sept, the LCLR at Skegness is having their 50th Anniversary bash, this is a rebuilt 2ft narrow gauge railway that used to be located at Humberston near Cleethorpes, and was the first railway to be built by enthusiasts on a green field site back in 1960. One of the founders, Bill Woolhouse, who is still with us in his mid eighties, was involved with Tom Rolt and a few other guys, that were looking into buying and operating a Welsh NG railway in the mid 50's. It was rather a hike from Lincolnshire, so Tom and his friends went and took over the Talyllyn, and Bill and his friends built the LCLR at Humberstone using a lot of track and stock from the defunct potato railway at Nocton.


    Stock out running that day will include at least 3 simplex locos, one on the passenger train with an original Ashover coach, and two in top and tail with the military train. This train will be the first time in recent years that the LCLRHVT vehicles will be formed into a proper train and moved up and down the line for photographic opportunities. The consist should be the only remaining WW1 ambulance van, a 'D' bogie wagon and a smaller 'P' Wagon. All of these vehicles have been recognised as historically important and a grant was given a few years ago for their continued restoration by prism. They used to be loaned to the Army transport museum at Beverley until it closed a few years ago.

    Other stock that will be available to view, will be the other 2 Simplex locos that are on site, Jurassic, an 0-6-0 Peckett awaiting restoration, and the second Ex Ashover coach. Also the only surviving relic from the Sand Hutton railway, i.e. their original coach, and the only passenger vehicle from the Nocton estates potato railway.

    The railway is located on the Skegness water leisure park, which is just off Roman Bank virtually opposite Butlins. If you require better directions please log onto the website.

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