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Issue 771: RMT says rail industry has plans to close over 1,000 ticket offices

Discussion in 'Railway Herald' started by RHM, May 11, 2022.

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    Feb 8, 2013
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    Issue 771
    Published: 11th May 2022
    In this issue:
    Latest News from around the UK National Network and the heritage railways, including RMT says rail industry has plans to close over 1,000 ticket offices, Safety concerns result in the part closure of Lichfield Trent Valley station and Irish Rail celebrates the 175th anniversary of Dublin Inchicore Works.

    Railtours & Excursions:
    Latest on charters; Additional enthusiast charters added to UKR programme; NIR diesel-hauled charter confirmed

    Preservation World:
    Sir Keith Park to bow out but could be back by Spring; Weardale to reopen in May; Successful SDR anniversary marred by Prairie collision; Coal Train day at Blaenavon; Reunion at North Tyneside; Double Cromptons and NSE liveried Hoover for KWVR gala; Diesel success for Swanage gala

    PLUS! Type 5 traction from three different freight operators for Severn Valley Diesel Festival


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