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Isle of Man

Discussion in 'Photographic Guides' started by Romsey, Dec 1, 2007.

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    A few notes compiled on a family holiday in August 2007

    Groudle Glen Railway
    The line is paralleled by a footpath from Limekiln Halt to Headland. With a bit of care there is quite a variety of shots. One problem is that the two steam locos face north and the line turns north along the coast, so most chimney first shots are back lit.

    The Lhen Coan (inland terminus) is in the woodlands of the glen, so is quite poorly lit. There are footpaths along the glen between Lhen Coan and Limekiln Halt, but any views which existed are grown over. There might be some opportunities for the Santa Specials once all the leaves have fallen..

    There appears to be a shot from King Edwards Drive (uphill from Groudle Tram Stop) looking across the glen. Grid reference 418783

    Steam Railway. (Alternatives to normal station shots.)
    Port Erin
    Try the level crossing in the middle of the station. Arrival shots are spoilt by the new carriage shed. Nice background of victorian villas visible behind the loco and train.
    (The bus depot building next to the station is where IoM buses keep their preserved Leyland Titan. The depot inspector is happy to open the doors to give a better shot.)
    The level crossing at the Douglas end of the station (Church Lane) is restricted for departures and no use for arrivals.
    Try the end of Drogadfoyle Road, with Bradda Head in the background. There is some chance that the ground between the road and line may be built on in the next year or two.

    Port Erin / Port St Mary
    Truggan Road which links the two settlements has a variety of views looking down on the line. A warning that the road is narrow with stone walls, and the only places to stand is in field gateways. (Grid ref 204683) There is a view across the fields (and derelict farm equipment) to trains on the curve beyond Port St Mary station. (Grid ref 206682)
    Beach Road at Port St Mary - there should be a view past a standing stone to the train on the Douglas side of Port St Mary Station.

    A3 bridge off bypass road (Grid Ref 264680)
    Footbridge north of station. On Millenium Path, accessed from Douglas Road next to Ford garage. This gives a shot of one of the few semaphore signals on the railway.

    There is a telephoto shot from the Port Erin bound platform looking across fields towatds Santon. Bunker first trains to Douglas have a steep climb from Ballasalla.

    I haven't checked this out, but I think there is a shot from the main road of trains crossing the embankment north of the mainroad bridge.

    I hope this helps any one going to the Isle of Man.


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