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Hawthorn Leslie needs you!

Discussion in 'Steam Railway' started by Thomas Bright, Dec 6, 2016.

    The Hawthorn Leslie 3837 Preservation Society needs your help in returning its 0-6-0ST to steam.

    At its previous preservation home, Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST W/No. 3837 sits at the Leatherhead Leisure Centre awaiting restoration, before it moved to the Lavender Line. BRIAN DAVIS

    The society was formed in August 2010 to restore Hawthorn Leslie 0-6-0ST W/No. 3837, which is now at the Lavender Line, to working order. The locomotive was withdrawn from industrial service at the Stewarts & Lloyd’s Iron and Steel works in Corby in 1969; after moving to several different preserved railways, the locomotive eventually found a home at the now-defunct water park in Leatherhead, after it was presented to the council for static display.

    Bought by the society in March 2011 for £1 (plus 18p VAT), W/No. 3837 moved to its current home at Isfield in East Sussex, where the group is endeavouring to return the locomotive to steam.

    However, the majority of the group’s membership lives in or around Leatherhead which, says founder Brian Davis: “is about a 100-mile round trip and it is costly to our volunteers to go down there too often.”

    The group is after a plot of land to work on W/No. 3837, as well as access to a metal-working workshop.

    “Perhaps a corner of a farm would be very nice, especially if we could erect a shed around the loco.”

    If you can help, or if you want to volunteer on this industrial stalwart, please get in touch with Brian via email on: Brian.davis1947@btinternet.com.

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    Just seen this thread ,please find attached HL3837 at work in Corby works on a visit with the IRS in June 1956.I've sent the society a copy.

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