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Glyn Valley Tramway & Ceiriog summer carnival

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Railways' started by HY_4273, Jun 11, 2009.

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    Just found this in the 'Daily Post' on-line & thought it may be of interest.

    From: http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-w ... -23820000/

    Classic road steam power comes to Ceiriog summer carnival
    Jun 9 2009 by Owen R Hughes, Daily Post

    IT’S full steam ahead for the annual carnival in the Ceiriog Valley.

    The Glyn Carnival in the heart of Glyn Ceiriog village takes place this Saturday June 13.

    It will feature the fully restored Special Showman’s Engine ‘Lord Lascelles’ road locomotive, sponsored by the Glyn Valley Tramway Group and The Ceiriog Press.

    Built by the famous firm of Charles Burrell & Sons of Thetford, Norfolk, in 1921, the engine has been fully restored and will be on display and working in full steam throughout the carnival event.

    In addition, the group is also sponsoring the return of the popular Miricki-Dean Fairground Organ and a live-steam miniature railway which will be giving rides for children on the day of the carnival along part of the route of the old Glyn Valley Tramway.

    Richard Andrews, publicity officer of the Glyn Valley Tramway Group, said: “The group has always been a key player in the life of the local valley community and we are proud to be supporting this important event by sponsoring these exciting exhibits, which we hope everyone will enjoy.

    “This is another way in which the Glyn Valley Tramway Group is bringing steam back to the Ceiriog Valley – something that we plan to do on a more permanent basis with our Tramway Heritage Centre.”

    The carnival will also feature games and stalls, a balloon race, and the crowning of the Carnival King and Queen.

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