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Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum

Discussion in 'Heritage Railway' started by GRCWM, Dec 30, 2016.

  1. GRCWM

    GRCWM New Member

    Aug 24, 2016
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am one of 4 founding members of a new museum which was formed in March 2016 and is currently being set up dedicated to the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company Limited and all other associated companies.

    Our aims include, locating, promoting and helping preserve the history of the Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company for the benefit and education of the public.

    We aim to locate, purchase, acquire GRC&W built rolling stock from various locations from within the UK and overseas, restore these vehicles and house them in a purpose built museum within Gloucestershire.

    We are aware that Carriages and Wagons are sometimes overlooked by many on any railway both mainline and heritage and it is our aim to try and help other groups and societies change this.

    As a museum dedicated to Railway Rolling Stock we understand how important rolling stock is to a heritage railway in the sense of earning a heritage railway and society/group money, we are therefore hoping to at some point in the near future to own a collection of GRCW built carriages and wagons and loan these out to heritage railways to aid the somewhat shortage of rolling stock on some heritage railways.

    We are therefore, in the process of contacting each and every heritage railway hoping to get ourselves known within the Heritage Railway and Carriage and Wagon Community and we hope to gain the backing and support from various heritage railways and carriage and wagon groups and communities, in our aim in locating, promoting and preserving the history of Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Company and hopefully making various items of rolling stock accessible to various heritage railways and societies should they require items of rolling stock to aid them in there everyday running of their heritage railway.

    We would therefore love to hear from any heritage railway, society, community or group who would possibly like to back us or support us in some way.

    Thank you.

    With kindest regards,

    Aaron, Leo, Paul and Derrick
    Founding Members

    Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Museum
    Email: grcwm@outlook.com
    Website: www.grcwm.jimdo.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GRCWMuseum/
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  2. StoneRoad

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    Oct 29, 2009
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    Restoration of heritage items, mainly in timber.
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    Yes I am an active volunteer

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