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Friday 13th… unlucky for Flying Scotsman?

Discussion in 'Steam Railway' started by Thomas Bright, May 21, 2016.

    Flying Scotsman became the first BR 'A3' to cross the iconic Forth Rail Bridge since the early 1960s on May 15. Credit: Jonathon Gourlay

    Flying Scotsman’s long-awaited return to Scotland was marred by an 11th-hour decision by Network Rail to cancel the Gresley ‘A3’s' main line tours, only for the rail body to rescind its decision 24 hours later.

    The rail body announced on May 13 that due to safety and engineering assessments not being complete for the routes over which No. 60103 was due to run, Flying Scotsman would not be able to haul its tours for the weekend May 14/15.

    However, Network Rail Chief Executive Mark Carne later said: “I am pleased to say that we have been successful and are now able to reinstate the original planned tours of Flying Scotsman in Scotland on Sunday.”

    The uncertainty over No. 60103’s availability didn’t spoil people's excitement over the return of the world’s most famous steam locomotive to Scotland – its first visit north of the border in 16 years.

    Flying Scotsman’s journey across the Forth Bridge on May 15 also marked the first time an ‘A3’ in BR Brunswick Green had crossed the Scottish landmark in half a century.

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