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Drummond locomotives of the LSWR : Drummond K10 4-4-0

Discussion in 'Photography' started by neildimmer, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. neildimmer

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    Jun 6, 2008
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    I have added a very large collection of D. Drummond LSWR K10 4-4-0

    In 1901/2 Dugald Drummond introduced the K10 class (or "Small Hoppers"), a class of 40 4-4-0s which shared the same cylinders, boiler and firebox as his first 4-4-0 for the LSWR, the C8 class of 1897, although with 40 2¾ inch water tubes the K10's heating surface was greater. The frame length and wheelbase were identical, but with smaller wheels as they were intended for mixed traffic duties, though they shared the same problem as the C8s, an inability to sustain their power, which led to them having only occasional main line use. This defect did not, however, prevent them having an exemplary career on secondary routes as the LSWR had few heavy goods services that would have taxed them to the limit. Nº137, built in September 1902, was the 650th engine to be built at Nine Elms. The class was never superheated, which might have improved their steaming

    This is a large collection of over 65 photos

    I hope as this is a very large collection you will bear with me with a few extra links to sort out the back to front numbering system

    329 built 1901


    haphazard numbering to 394 built July 1902


    135 to 153 built August to December 1902






  2. Romsey

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    Yes I am an active volunteer
    Hi Neil,

    A few more gaps to fill in-
    6/63 138 is possibly at Kimbridge Jn near Romsey where scrap locos were stored in the immediate post war period. ( T3 563 now cared for by the Swanage Railway spent some time there.)
    Also 36/63 342, 47/63 381 and 57/63 388 were probably photographed at Kimbridge Jn.

    15/63 Yeovil Town judging by the odd blind archway which appears in later photos ar Yeovil.

    19/63 144 Feltham

    35/63 341 Eastleigh shed

    44/63 380 Clapham Jn. The large cinema or ballroom with two stubby towers is still there. The Grand is now hidden fromn the station by modern buildings.

    44/63 383 Eastleigh shed.

    Cheers, Neil

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