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Developments on the Corris Railway

Discussion in 'Narrow Gauge Railways' started by Corris Steam, May 22, 2016.

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    You forgot the Fairbourne..... arguably already a 'preserved line' at the time. (Based on the likelihood of receipts producing lavish returns!).

    Methinks the way things actually panned out was probably the optimum solution, though there's not much reason to suppose, even had the Corris remained and the TR gone tits-up following the death of Sir H, that the latter line wouldn't have 'interested' a CRS splinter group (as happened .... only 'the other way round').

    In this scenario, providing developments at Tywyn - I'm thinking of the industrial estate at Pendre - happened no faster than they did, the TR route would likely have remained intact through at least the 1950's. With a rejuvenated Corris by, say, 1960, would a moribund TR have been an attractive restoration scheme? Assuming the locos and carriages survived the death of SirH, I'd suggest the challenge would have proved irresistable.

    Had part of my initial speculation - sale of both CR locos to the Talyllyn - taken place following the arrival of I/C traction in the 30's, perhaps prospects mightn't have been so gloomy for the TR after all. I recall that the state of Nos.3&4 by the end certainly put Sir Henry Haydn Jones off buying them at that point (I wonder .... who inspected the locos on his behalf when he rejected their purchase?), but before WWII, where my notion is set, they were certainly both operable. One of 'em wouldn't even have fallen between the TR's overgauge rails!

    Just think how the heaving fleshpots of Corris and Aberllefenni might have developed with tourist pasenger services from Machynlleth being reinstated. Did someone say "regauged Quarry Hunslets"? Who knows ..... the 'Slaters Arms' might've needed to open all week!

    ...... and when the Corris eventually makes it "Back to Mach" there's still the P&H to reopen*. Someone's going to have to work out just how the hell to turn the Slee monstrosity "Victoria" into a useful loco!

    *No? For the record, neither do I !!

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