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Class 03 Running Day - Gwili Steam Railway

Discussion in 'Galas and Events' started by Phil_Guard, Feb 20, 2020.

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    Hi all,

    On 22nd February 2020, the Gwili Steam Railway will be running an impromptu class 03 running day using both D2069 and D2178. The event is marking 55 years since the introduction of the class to West Wales, as well as providing a 'last chance' to pair the shunters up before D2069 moves back to it's home railway at the Vale of Berkeley.

    Full details are below. If you've got any questions, do ask.




    Class 03 Running Day - 22nd February 2020

    The humble class 03 diesel shunting locomotive has long had an association with West Wales. This event marks the 55th anniversary of the introduction of diesel traction (in the form of the D2000 class, later known as class 03 shunters) on the Burry Port and Gwendreath Railway.

    In 1965, two class 03 shunters were modified to work together in multiple to work on the branch; whilst a third was often used to bank or pilot trains. The sight of two (or more) shunters working hard together quickly became synonymous with West Wales; we will be recreating the spirit of that sight at the Gwili on 22nd February 2020.

    This day also marks a farewell (for now) for D2069, which is leaving the Gwili Steam Railway. The locomotive arrived here in December 2019, to ‘top and tail’ Santa operations with a steam loco. The locomotive is now due to return to it’s home base at the Vale of Berkeley Railway, and thus this event marks it’s farewell appearance; as well as the only opportunity to pair the two 03s on a passenger service together.

    The Gwili Steam Railway immensely grateful to the Vale of Berkeley Railway for allowing us to borrow D2069 for the last two months, and wish them well as they begin operations presently in Sharpness.

    A copy of the timetable for the day is attached to this post, and is also available on the railway's Facebook page. Various combinations of the two locomotives (double-headed, top and tail etc) have been included, as a nod towards operations on the Burry Port and Gwendraeth branch from 1965 onwards.

    We will also be lining the locomotives up for photography at various points during the day.

    Departures from Bronwydd Arms can be summed up as:

    1100 ex BA: D2069 solo
    (locos paired up for photography at BA between 1210 and 1245).
    1300 ex BA: D2069 + D2178 double-headed
    1400 ex BA: D2069+ D2178 top-and-tailed (to Llwyfan Cerrig and return only)
    (locos lined up for photography on MPD apron between 1430 and 1445).
    1500 ex BA: D2178 + D2069 double-headed
    (locos paired up outside signalbox for photography between 1615 and 1630).

    - Photo line-up (1): Between 1210 and 1245, D2178 and D2069 will be posed coupled together in Bronwydd Arms loop (next to the carpark fence). This is to allow the two locomotives to be photographed together, as there will be little opportunity to do so when the locomotives are paired to double-head (as they will often be off the platform end etc, when coupled to the train).
    - Photo line-up (2): At approximately 14.30, D2069 and D2178 will be lined up outside the MPD/shed apron for a photographic lineup. To participate in this, please meet at the gates outside the museum (at the North end of the carpark at 14.30.
    - An extended photo-stop will be made at Llwyfan Cerrig in the ‘up’ direction between 1535 and 1600, to allow enthusiasts to visit and photograph the rolling stock in the yard.
    - On arrival of the final ‘up’ train at Bronwydd Arms at 1610, both D2069 and D2178 will be posed together outside the signalbox for photographs.

    Normal fares apply for this event. Discounts (HRA passes etc) are also valid for this event.

    Public Transport
    For those living outside of West Wales, it is possible to visit the railway for the day via public transport; suggested timings are below.

    Bus service 460 (Carmarthen to Cardigan via Newcastle Emlyn) is operated by First South & West Wales and Richard Bros.

    Carmarthen station: 10:18
    Bronwydd Arms: 1042

    This is timed to connect with 1V31 (0454 Crewe to Milford Haven, giving connections from Cardiff Central at 0755). 1V31 arrives at Carmarthen at 0954.

    Bus service 460 (Carmarthen to Cardigan via Newcastle Emlyn) is operated by First South & West Wales and Richard Bros.

    Bronwydd Arms: 1635
    Carmarthen station: 1647

    This is timed to connect with 1W21, the 1700 from Carmarthen to Manchester Piccadilly.

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