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Carters Steam Fair

Discussion in 'Everything Else Heritage' started by johnofwessex, Aug 12, 2021.

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    Well, I think it deserves a thread



    I took my sons (19, 12 & 11) on Tuesday 10th August in Bath.

    The fair is quite small and opens 11 to 7, you didnt get the size and noise of a 'Modern' fair which suited the two youngest who are autistic very well, its really more a 'Family Half Day Out' and having spent £40 on tokens, which included 4 free rides that was about right for two hours (Plus a Doughnut Stop)

    I went with them on the Steam Gallopers - thankfully no Steam Yachts this year and my sons sampled most of the other rides, youngest managed to ring the bell on the 'Try your Strength' machine, middle one had three goes on the Swing Boats and they all had two rides on the Skid.

    The train ride was painted up as 'The Marlow Donkey' in proper GWR style.

    Staff were very nice, the Try Your Strength attendant made my youngest feel at home with the stall and it was nice to see how 'On the ball' the young man running the swing boats was, helping people in & out and telling middle son that he could have as much titmen as he wanted - it wasnt busy.

    So, if you want a pleasant hour or two - and a chance to poke around some marvellous vintage lorries as well, the only thing missing was that the modern generators are quiet so you dont get the infernal racket I remember as a child, see if Carters are coming your way.
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