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Boiler design & construction ex Patriot thread.

Discussion in 'Locomotive M.I.C.' started by Steve, Jan 22, 2016.

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    Dec 20, 2015
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    Am I reading your plots right, red zones implying max Von Mises at 250Mpa? 36ksi...right on the yield point

    Also, are those stays failing from the ID outwards, how did you model the attachement to the wrappers? Becuase I would assume the threads in the plates would be seeing the worst of the deformations, but I appreiate that your FEA package has not gone to that detail.

    Modeling the whole shebang up and getting it into NASTRANS or ANSYS would be the answer, with 8 core processing so it finishes in a reasonable time.

    I think there are other questions here too, like Monel stays behaving non-linarily with the steel/copper wrappers, thermal effects, compressive or straight mass loads of water sitting in the vessel/on the crown that need to go in to make the case comprehesive.

    Hydrogen embitterment, IMHO, is indeed present in the lower foundation areas, if judging by a certain MN pacific boiler I saw cut up in the spring with enough chalk deposits to start making pottery with is anything to go by.

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