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[Aug 1, 2016] Epping Ongar Railway Real Ale Weekend (Essex)

Discussion in 'Galas and Events' started by thistle5, Mar 22, 2016.

Epping Ongar Railway Real Ale Weekend
Start Date: Aug 1, 2016 12:00 PM
End Date: Aug 1, 2016 10:00 PM
Time Zone: Europe/London +01:00 BST

North Weald Station


Posted By: thistle5

Confirmed Attendees: 0
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  1. thistle5

    thistle5 New Member

    Jun 30, 2013
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    For the 4th year, the Epping Ongar Railway beer festival is to return to North Weald. Much as last year, there'll be live music, trains and a slight increase on the number of beers available.

  2. Spamcan81

    Spamcan81 Nat Pres stalwart

    Aug 25, 2007
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    Training moles
    The back of beyond
    Heritage Railway Volunteer:
    Yes I am an active volunteer
    Sounds good to me. :)
  3. thistle5

    thistle5 New Member

    Jun 30, 2013
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    The lists have come together - should be published on the EOR website this weekend but for now here's some useful info.


    Bertie's Galanthus Perry Medium Sweet 5
    Bertie's Obsession Medium/Sweet 4.5
    Celtic Marches Thundering Molly Medium 5.2
    Circle Cider Roundabout Medium 5.6
    Cockeyed Cider Devon Jasper Medium 6
    Fox Meadow Elderflower Cider
    Glebe Farm Blackcurrent Sweet 6
    Gwynt Y Ddraig Happy Daze Medium 4.5
    Gwynt Y Ddraig Two Trees Perry Medium 4.5
    Harry Taylor's Crooked Branch Dry 5
    Harry Taylor's Thrown Hat Medium 5
    Lilly's Mango Cider Sweet 4
    Lilly's Wild Dog Medium 7.5
    London Glider Dry Dry 6
    London Glider Medium Dry Medium Dry 6
    Rich's Legbender Medium 6
    Sandford Orchards Shaky Bridge Medium/Dry 6
    Sheppy's Orchard Dew Medium/Dry 6
    Westons Family Reserve 5
    Westons Old Rosie Medium/Dry 7.3

    Cask ale - marquee

    Billericay Chapel Street Porter Porter 5.9
    Billericay Rhythm Stick Amber 4.8
    Billericay Sex, Drugs & Rock & Roll IPA 5.0
    Bishop Nick Devout Stout 5.3
    Bishop Nick Fete Golden 4.5
    Bishop Nick Martyr Golden 3.8
    Brentwood Best Bitter 4.2
    Brentwood Chockwork Orange Speciality 6.5
    Brentwood Hope & Glory Bitter 4.5
    Brentwood Lumberjack Bitter 5.2
    Brockley Pale Ale Pale 4.1
    Cambridge Moonshine Blueberry Ale Golden 4.2
    Cambridge Moonshine Harvest Moon Mild 3.9
    Cambridge Moonshine Sundownerr Amber 3.6
    Dominion Canada Red 4.9
    Dominion Dominion Whisky Ginger Speciality 5.0
    Dominion North Weald 100 Bitter 3.7
    Dominion The Few Pale 3.5
    East London Brewery Cowcatcher APA Pale 4.8
    East London Brewery Jamboree Golden Golden 4.8
    East London Brewery Quadrant Stout Stout 5.8
    Elephant School Mahout Golden 4.1
    Elephant School White Elephant Bitter 4.0
    Felstar Felstar Bitter 3.4
    Felstar Peckin’ Order Lager 5.0
    Five Points Five Points Pale Pale 4.4
    Five Points Railway Porter Porter 4.8
    Flying Monk Habit Bitter 4.2
    Fox Meadow Golden Arrow Golden 6.1
    Fox Meadow Orange Mild Mild 4.5
    Hackney Best Bitter 4.2
    Hackney Golden Golden 4.0
    Hackney Simcoe Summit Pale Pale 4.4
    Hope Stout Stout 4.8
    Hope SX Pale Golden 3.9
    Hope White Dragon Golden 5
    Hope Young American IPA 4.4
    Mighty Oak Jake the Snake Golden 4.0
    Mighty Oak Oscar Wild Mild 3.5
    Mighty Oak Over the Moon Wheat 5.0
    Milestone Green Man Golden 4.5
    Mr Majolica Phantom Porter 4.0
    Mr Majolica Regal Golden 4.4
    New River Five-Inch Drop IPA 4.6
    New River London Tap Pale 3.8
    Oakham Citra Pale 4.2
    Oakham JHB Golden 3.8
    Pitfield 1850 London Porter Porter 5.0
    Pitfield N1 Wheat Beer Wheat 5.0
    Saffron EPA Golden 3.9
    Saffron Saffron Citra Golden 3.8
    Sawbridgeworth Dragons Blood Bitter 4.3
    Sawbridgeworth IPA IPA 3.8
    Sawbridgeworth Sawbridgeworth Gold Golden 4.0
    Signature Backstage IPA IPA 5.6
    Signature Black Vinyl Stout Stout 4.2
    Turpin's Cambridge Black Stout 4.6
    Turpin's Meditation Pale 4.3

    Cask Ale - on train

    One Mile End Hospital Porter Porter 5.2
    One Mile End Kumquat Session IPA IPA 3.9
    One Mile End Salvation! Pale Ale Bitter 4.2
    One Mile End Snakecharmer IPA IPA 5.7
    One Mile End Temperance Session Ale Bitter 3.5
    Redemption Fellowship Porter Porter 5.1
    Redemption Urban Dusk Bitter 4.6
    Redemption Trinity Bitter 3.0

    If the sunshines it is likely we'll get further deliveries of bright beer from a handful of local breweries - but as I won't be all that close to the internet I won't be posting any updates!

    Locos rostered are currently the N2 (steam), 31438 and 205205 but do check http://eorailway.co.uk/your-visit/whats-running/ for last minute changes.


    EOR Real Ale Weekend Organiser

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