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1967 Spotting Gaps

Discussion in 'Bullhead Memories' started by steve45110, May 17, 2015.

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    Sep 10, 2005
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    Can anyone fill in a few gaps in my spotting trips please?

    I would go to Fleet station after school, in May/June 1967 but, didn't get every steam number due to dirty cabsides and other trains blocking the view. If anyone who made notes between Woking and Basingstoke could provide details, |I would be very grateful. I was there from about 4.15 to around 7pm, on the following dates...

    Monday May 22 - 34089, 34032, wrong because it was withdrawn and on its way to Newport by then. Must have been 34034, 34036, 34037 or perhaps 34052. Diesels seen were D829, D819. Any other steam I missed noting down? I didn't note Standards for some obscure reason.

    Tuesday May 23 - 34089, 34026, wrong again. also on its way to Newport, probably in the same convoy as 34032. Must have been 34036, 34056? withdrawn in May but, what date exactly? Or, 34024, 34025. Others, D6517, E6039, D6501, D6522, D823, D824, D1936, probably on the Bournemouth Belle, which I saw most evenings.

    Wednesday May 24 - 34090, 34052, D1923, D6524, D6583, D6553, D822.

    Saturday June 3 - 34008, at about 12 noon, D1922, D6504, D815, D809. I missed A4 4498, which passed at around 10.30 and 18. 40 so, I was there between those times.

    Also seen, HAP, EPB, and TC/REPS plus WR DMU's, which were helping out before full electrification in July. Any other steam sightings, especially the missing Standard classes, much appreciated.
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