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Apr 13, 2024 at 11:57 PM
Mar 29, 2010
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Nantwich, Cheshire

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Well-Known Member, from Nantwich, Cheshire

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Apr 13, 2024 at 11:57 PM
    1. shedbasher
      Hi Gav I did ask sometime back for some flyers that I could distribute at several railways I go to never had a reply.I have just been to bletchley park and dropped off flyers for the northampton and lamport railway ,I am sure you have heard of bletchley park thousands of visitors throughout the year brilliant place to have information on the Patriot I do think some flyers would inform folk who no nothing of the project ie soldiers sailors raf who attend .I also go to several other railways where I could drop off flyers also libraries Town tourist centres etc.
      I will be at the Nene Valley on the w/e 10/11 sept bring you some books to sell on the stand
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    2. p/wayman
      Well Gav,thanks for the post on facebook, Greg will know it's me that told you I doubt he will tell me anything again, Jeff,
    3. p/wayman
      Gav, Found your coat in car boot, will bring it back next week. Cheers Jeff.
    4. p/wayman
      Hi Gav, not seen you down the railway recently are you to busy or have you given up on us. Cheers Jeff.
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    Nantwich, Cheshire
    Local Railway:
    Churnet Valley Railway
    Full Name:
    Gavin Shell
    Railways, NUFC, Modelling (the railway kind)