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Downpatrick Diesel Gala 7th January 2023

Discussion in 'Galas and Events' started by Niall, Nov 21, 2022.

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    Apr 17, 2022
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    The Irish Traction Group and Downpatrick & County Down Railway are running a diesel gala on Saturday 8th January 2023.

    Details at https://www.irishtractiongroup.com/2022/minigala

    Planned traction for the event is:
    • A class A39R
    • B class 146
    • G class shunter G617
    • 450 class Railcar 458
    Trains will use the North Line from Downpatrick to Inch Abbey, as the South Line is currently under engineering possession. This will not detract from the fun, as the North Line is where the thrash is at!

    The day should feature:

    • At least one out and back run with each locomotive/railcar
    • Some mix-ups and shunts to watch
    • A loco start-up or two
    • A demonstration ballast train with 146 and the ‘new’ Irish Rail ballast hoppers and plough van
    • Hopefully we will offer brake van rides up and down the station platform (within our premises)
    • Limited and strictly controlled lineside photo/video opportunities
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