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  1. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Have been recalled to Kyoto HQ for for KG project consultation. Arrive 16th October via Istanbul.
  2. Adrian Britchford
    Adrian Britchford
    I am currently a regular volunteer worker on the Corris Railway, building new carriages and restoring heritage slate waggons
  3. bonniville
    bonniville Deepgreen
  4. Steamworks
    Steamworks Johnb
    Thanks for your message John. It had disappeared by the time I looked again. Not to worry. I was just being a bit circumspect. Some managed to get the Anderson shot in sun so maybe I'll have another go later this month if there is a loco facing that way. Waiting to se when 45212 goes back to Carnforth with the ecs - this week or next. Cheers. Dave
  5. Willesden Grey
    Willesden Grey tilling
    Dear 'Tilling'

    I hope you are keeping safe and well. I am the deputy editor at Heritage Railway magazine and am trying to find out what is going on at Elsecar, especially in the light of recent posts on here suggesting that the rolling stock is being sold off.

    Could you contact me on 07887 051996 or at TJennings@mortons.co.uk ?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Toby Jennings
  6. Old Kent Biker
    Old Kent Biker ConRod1
    Hi ConRod1,
    just seen your post about the L&B AGM,

    As a long-time L&B member, I would be interested to know more about the "Clandestine irregularities" you allege.

    Can you tell me more about what is going on?
  7. mdewell
    mdewell Peter@mnr
    Hi Peter,

    Welcome to the forums.

    May I pinch a copy of your photo of D1933 for use on my Locomotive Database?

    Any other updates you would like me to make with reference to the MNR page, events and/or locos do please feel free to get in touch (email mark@mdewell.com is probably best).

    Mark Dewell
  8. Southern Gricer
    Southern Gricer Deepgreen
    Hi Ian
    Yes, it was good to meet you in Redhill yesterday evening. I too took a video and left it running after it had passed as the sound of the engine climbing continued for a couple of minutes afterwards. Fortunately, those nearby kept quiet. I hope our paths cross again soon, with best wishes Des Shepherd
  9. TVR Volunteer
    TVR Volunteer Conrad Windham
    Hi Conrad, please can you contact me in private please?
  10. Sammy B Films
    Sammy B Films
  11. Sammy B Films
    Sammy B Films
  12. 71000Trust
    BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust are the custodians of 71000 Duke of Gloucester. Return to steam autumn 2021
  13. 6960 Raveningham Hall
    6960 Raveningham Hall malcolm imps
    Malcolm, smashing image of 9351 at Nethercott on Steve’s website. Any chance of you posting it on NatPres for more to enjoy?
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  14. 71000Trust
    BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust are the custodians of 71000 Duke of Gloucester. Return to steam autumn 2021
  15. Matt37401
  16. City of truro fan
  17. Aberdare
    Aberdare GWR Man.
    Quite correct, LLanbradach Viaduct. A still shot taken from one of the two Pathe News films of the demolition. I'll have to bit a bit more obscure next time. Andy.
  18. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    My employers are bidding for work on the Balykchi- Kara-Keche railway. I am to remain in Bishkek pending a possible successful outcome.
  19. Ian Walton
  20. Karlh
    Karlh Will RL