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  1. 71000Trust
    BR Class 8 Steam Locomotive Trust are the custodians of 71000 Duke of Gloucester. Return to steam autumn 2021
  2. Matt37401
  3. City of truro fan
  4. Aberdare
    Aberdare GWR Man.
    Quite correct, LLanbradach Viaduct. A still shot taken from one of the two Pathe News films of the demolition. I'll have to bit a bit more obscure next time. Andy.
  5. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    My employers are bidding for work on the Balykchi- Kara-Keche railway. I am to remain in Bishkek pending a possible successful outcome.
  6. Ian Walton
  7. Karlh
    Karlh Will RL
  8. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Can't enter Philippines because of Covid19 ban on foreigners. Trapped in central Asia-no contracts on offer. Testing Baltika 9 to pass time.
  9. Pat967
    Does anyone know of someone who could supply original BR issue dark blue cotton jean/drill jackets from the 1950's to late 60's?
  10. D1039
    D1039 Jamessquared
    "Thank you all for your lovely comments, my Dad was a wonderful man and clearly very respected by many and I miss him terribly already.
    Can I ask if anyone has any photos of my Dad that they wouldn't mind sharing with me I'd be very grateful.
    My email address is pippa1402@gmail.com many thanks to you all"


  11. Hotel Lasa Grand
    Hotel Lasa Grand
    Hotel Lasa Grand is one of the best hotels in Mount Abu as well as the finest budget hotels in Mount Abu.
  12. Skull Action
    Skull Action
    Skull Action is the best skull store, that actually have the largest skull rings ever! more than 600 skull shaped ring for men and women
  13. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    We have done well with all now written up. Will head for Manas on Saturday where we part company. I'm not sure where I'm going next- Manila?
  14. howard
    howard smithersmark600
    I think you will find that City of Truro Fan is not really of this world, possibly autistic or ESN. My feeling is that ignoring him/her is the best policy. Cheers, Howard
  15. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Things have gone better than expected. Physical tasks virtually completed. Will commence our final writing up next week.
  16. neildimmer
    neildimmer peckett
    I can assure you i did not steal this from your Flicr site, i purchased this ages ago on ebay, i now have removed the photo, and i apologise for the mistake

  17. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Currently working,with five other British expats from a yurt located not far from Naryn. We expect to finish our survey in about one month.
  18. alan-crotty
    alan-crotty Eightpot
    Alan Crotty, thanks for the offer of an 04 schematic scan, my email is Hotmetal2004@yahoo.co.uk
  19. Mick Bond
    Mick Bond Davidb75
    Hi David We lost out in the bid for the Matlock poster. There looks to be an interesting story behind it about the Manchester Volunteers and the Ambergate to Buxton and Chinley route which we would like to feature in our house magazine. Is there any possibility of you or the new owner either taking a photograph of the poster out of the frame or scanning it? We would cover reasonable costs
  20. Adie
    Always learning