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  1. mike1522
    mike1522 26D_M
    I don't know how Carnforth would view me but I have favorable ratings when comes to the 2 jubilees and 48151.
  2. chris meadowcroft
    chris meadowcroft KieranPilsworth
    Hi Kieran,

    I organise the Steam galas at the Churnet Valley Railway and I am looking to contact someone about hiring your 4F.

    Are you able to pass on some contact details at all?

    Thanks in advance.

    Chris Meadowcroft
    Churnet Valley Railway
  3. StoneRoad
    heckling from behind piles of sawdust and shavings
  4. Mike Crees
    Mike Crees Pete Thornhill
    Preservation web site . M.Crees 4160 Director
  5. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Currently a gentleman of leisure carrying out the purely voluntary task of being a test pilot for the products of the blessed Saint Miguel.
  6. AnthonyTrains2017
    Still like trains.
  7. fish7373
    fish7373 buzby2
    HI hope your are well and merry xmas and a happy new year to you peter thanks kevin
    1. buzby2
      Thanks Kevin and your wishes heartily reciprocated.
      Long time since being involved with the old girl but still have happy memories.
      Did you know Roland not too well at the moment? Don't suppose his smoking did him any favours.
      Had my usual Christmas card and Christine mentioned how he had gone downhill but is having treatment.
      Will try to find out more.
      Dec 30, 2016
  8. PolSteam
  9. PolSteam
    PolSteam Clifford Jones
  10. krishnaniwas
    Krishna Niwas The Heritage House
  11. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Continuing to work on a trans Asia rail site. Will complete current contract on 30th December and head home to Manila.
  12. Andy Norman
    Andy Norman
    Active volunteer on the WSR
  13. Skimpot Flyer
  14. 44123
    44123 jamesd
    Hi james
    I dont really understand this system?
    I replied to the message yesterday but not sure if that was right so in case you did not get it ,
    I live in Nelson. CF46 6NW. Contact no. Is 07747 841570
  15. jamesd
    jamesd 44123
    Hi there,

    If the spare ticket is still available, I'll have it please. Where in South Wales are you? I live in llanharan.

    1. 44123
      Hi James
      I am in Nelson CF46 6NW
      Nov 15, 2016
    2. 44123
      Phone no 07747 841570
      Nov 15, 2016
  16. nick813
    nick813 D1059
    hello,Could I embed your video on the GWR 813 Fund web site?
    You will be credited.

    many thanks


    GWR 813 Fund
  17. nick813
    nick813 Sidmouth
    Hello Martin, Could the fund have a copy or two of your photos of GWR 813?
    You will be credited.



    if OK my email is

  18. Jamie Glover
    Jamie Glover
    Currently working on a rail yard project in central Asia. It is
  19. Mick45305
    Mick45305 gricerdon
    Hi Don.

    I didn't get speeds and times at each milepost on Sapperton but I recorded 53mph at St Mary's Crossing and 37 entering Sapperton Long Tunnel. The time that I got down between the two locations was 3mins 47secs. This was timed from the eighth coach.

    Michael Fisher
  20. IndustrialSteamLeeds
    Rolling in coal dust